SCORPION  / paisagens transespecíficas
SCORPION / transspecific landscape

1. Augmented reality
2. video (led panel)
3. tactile work

SCORPION / transspecific landscapes is a fragmented fiction between connections of organisms that adapt in and with environments damaged by human action. A factual-poetic speculative fiction in progress from the mutations that occur on the west coast of Ceará.

They are fugitive organisms whose growth is closely linked to the presence of other species and which modify their physical and mental characteristics according to the environment in which they transit. A practice to think about how continuous intra-active involvements of affront to the ethical obligations of humans with non-humans take place.

The work addresses the intersections between ecology, toxicity, capitalism, design and the narratives of power and domination that shape the landscapes of contemporary relationships. An attempt at diversions to experiment and conceive other subjectivities and aesthetics.

Video 8min30sec
audio: stereo

Link to tthe Video and Augmented Reality