KEBRANTO, 2021/2022
video 15’’ stereo
Kebranto research arises in 2020 (and also materializes for the first time), from exchanges between artists Jonas Van and Juno B. Starting from the common sense of the word quebranto, spell cast from the eyes, which breaks the spirit in pieces and prevents the body’s movement. Spell being a word for all the invisible movement, what we cannot see.

The project is inspired by the writing of Oyèrónké Oyěwùmí, in her book Visualizing the body, where the author analyzes the Western cognitive understanding and points out that it is essentially constructed by the sense of vision and mental exercise, inherited from the Cartesian tradition where body and mind are separated. The sense most erased by the Cartesian colonial heritage, is the sense of intuition, that is, the possibility of believing in one’s own body.

Taking as visual matter the perceptual translation of the phenomenon named by western languages as feu follet, translated in the north and northeast of Brazil, from orality and Tupi Guarani heritage, as Boitatá Baitatá, Batatá, Bitatá, Batatão, Biatatatá, M’boiguaçu, Mboitatá and Mbaê-Tata, Jonas Van in collaboration with Juno B presents a documentary fiction based on the idea that the snake Boitatá is an ancestor of trans and gender disobedient bodies. Boitatá in Portuguese: fiery serpent.

The decomposition of organic matter, whether from vegetation or dead animals, releases gases that spontaneously ignite when in contact with air. The traces caused by the passage of a person nearby can displace the flames, making them look like a fire snake chasing them. This blue fire is called fatuous fire.

n the film, a snake travels through dreamlike digital landscapes and also static images of the Amazon rainforest, narrated from the cyclical repetition of a non-cisgender and non-Western time, the time proposed in dreams by the snake. The film narrates a radical fantasy, a possibility of bodily and temporal transmutation from the encounter with the snake that feeds on eyes, which, after eating so many of them, transforms itself into living fire. The human beings who look into the serpent’s eyes are irreversibly transformed. Like looking into their own fire and having their retina burned, thus forgetting the tools they have learned to be men and women.

The artists present a doc-fiction based on the idea that the Boitatá snake is the ancestor of trans and gender disobedient bodies. A possibility of corporeal and temporal transmutation from the encounter with the fire serpent, which, by looking at other beings, changes them irreversibly.

work in co-autorship with jonas van

filme de Jonas Van e Juno B

Dir. Fotografia, Dir. de Arte, Edição e Montagem_ Juno B
Texto e Trilha Sonora Original_Jonas Van
Mixagem de Som_Jonas Van e Juliana R
VFX_ Isadora Stevani e Juno B
3d_ Isadora Stevani
Voz oráculo_ Sallisa Rosa  

Tornado TT / Filmes


Found Culturel Sud / Art Link
HEAD / Genève
Tunnel Tunnel

september_2022 @Pivo (coming soon) São Paulo, Brasil -  curator: Yina Jiménez Suriel
may_2022 @Cinema Bellevaux, Lausanne, CH
july_2021 @TUNNELTUNNEL, Lausanne, CH


art direction, photography and editting: juno
3d: isadora stevani
text and sound: jonas van
sound masterization: juliana r