KEBRANTO, 2021/2022
video 15’’ stereo-

work in co-autorship with jonas van

Kebranto – in Brazilian Portuguese – is a spell. Cast from the eyes, the spell breaks the spirit in pieces, preventing it from moving. Kebranto is a gesture that is filled with magical power, reminding us that our bodies, and the energy within them, are powerful. Kebranto is a decristallization of cisgenerity, operating through other pacts.
The decomposition of organic matter, whether from dead plants or animals, releases gases that ignite spontaneously when in contact with air. The air currents, caused by small movements, move the flames creating the will-o’-the-wisp. In the north and northeast of Brazil, according to the Tupi Guarani cosmoperception, this fire is the entity Boitatá: a fire serpent that feeds on eyes.
The artists present a doc-fiction based on the idea that the Boitatá snake is the ancestor of trans and gender disobedient bodies. A possibility of corporeal and temporal transmutation from the encounter with the fire serpent, which, by looking at other beings, changes them irreversibly.

Support of Fonds culturel Sud – artlink

2023 Pina Contemporânea, Pinacoteca de São Paulo
2023 @kadist tv 
september_2022 @Pivo São Paulo, BR
may_2022 @Cinema Bellevaux, Lausanne, CH
july_2021 @TUNNELTUNNEL,
Lausanne, CH


art direction, photography and editting: juno
3d: isadora stevani
text and sound: jonas van
sound masterization: juliana r